Sweden bakes today – Cinnamon Buns day or Kanelbullar Dag!


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Today in Sweden is Kanelbullens Dag or Cinnamon Bun Day, a very loved and delicious holiday for the swedes! Kanelbullar are part of the “fika” tradition in every day lives of swedish people, but in this particular day everywhere around Sweden you`ll find them, in coffee shops, pastry shops, supermarkets, even in small food trucks. Certainly, this is a day where the smell of the warm baked cinnamon rolls and coffee is all over the place! The tradition is quite new among swedes, existing since 1999. IMG_3031 And to celebrate this day like a swede, I baked myself some. My recipe is simple, little bit adapted to my own rules, because I don`t like spending time in the kitchen so I always try to find the short way or improvise. 😀 Because all my friends loves them and I always promise I`ll give the recipe but I end up forgetting, I decided is a good moment to write it here! I proudly have to say that many swedes have actually praised my buns! 🙂 Kanellbullar recept / Cinnamon buns Ingredients

  • 250 gr butter
  • 2.5 dl milk
  • 1.2 kg white wheat
  • 2 tsp. ground cardamom
  • 50 gr dry yeast
  • 4 tbsp Vanilkessela (in Sweden) or vanilla fat yoghurt
  • 1 egg
  • much cinnamon – I always improvise
  • 200 gr sugar
  • some oliveoil
  • pearl sugar and crushed almonds for decoration


  1. Warm up the milk to the body temperature (37 C) and add 150 gr of the butter, mixing until it melts and becomes smooth.
  2. Mix in a big bowl: 1.1 kg wheat with the cardamom, 100 gr sugar, the dry yeast, 1 tsp salt and 1 spoon of oil.
  3. Add the milk & butter warm content over, and start to knead, adding slowly each spoon of vanilla yoghurt. That should make the dough softer. You can add wheat in case you may need. The dough should`t be too hard, nor too soft.
  4. Let it grow 30 min in a warm room or in the oven with warm air at 30 degrees C.
  5. Meanwhile, melt down 100 gr butter with 2 spoons of oil and mix it until smooth.
  6. When the dough is ready, spread it in 2 parts, take the first part and stretch with the roller it into a rectangle, add melted butter on all the surface, sprinkle a layer of sugar, then a layer of cinnamon, and last I add some more vanilla sugar. As you prefer.. Then you roll it into a tube, and cut slices of 2, 3 cm.. You`ll have around 35 buns. If you feel it`s too small, you can roll one slice over another. You decide! Then you do the same with the other part of dough.

Before the oven

7. Lay them on oven paper and let them grow 30 minutes more. Then when you feel they look big enough, put some egg wash over them and the decorations and put them 8 minutes in the preheated oven at 210 – 220 C. Depends on your oven. Mine is too strong so I let them in 205 for 10 min. IMG_3032 They work perfectly with fresh homemade almond milk or coffee. Don`t eat too many, since they are full of calories. To me it`s a pleasure smelling them, inviting my friends to them, but when it comes to eating… I strongly resist eating more than 1! If you want to make it and you have any questions, just write me here and I`ll help. IMG_3029 Enjoy! Happy Kanelbullar Day!! With love from Sweden, Lorellay

Hidden designers – Customized furniture and home decorations for a chic house


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This week I found something really artistic and functional! I remember I saw once in a club one piece of chair-statue-chandelier that really impressed me. Funny thing that night is that I had a similar dress as the statue itself so I made a picture. Here you see:

Women shaped chandelier. Lamp by Jimmie Martin

Showing off my golden dress

Since then, I`ve searched everywhere a similar lamp for my living room, because it is excentric enough to give a fresh air to my house which is pretty much black and white. This week, I discovered this new brand from London, called Jimmie Martin, which produces – or better said customize old furniture with unique design models. Behind the brand is Jimmie Karlsson and Martin Nihlmar, two swedish young designers, who despite the fact that they don`t actually have a background in interior or furniture design, they made a great job with this new baroque – contemporary style. In their work they use Graffitti themes, works of art like paintings made by themselves, and even pictures with Audrey Hepburn on some chairs. The materials are spectacular and definitely would give a modern luxury feeling to your house. I think they are very chic, modern and beside that they are a work of art and catchy for the eyes, they are also functional. I will definitely purchase one of the statue-lamps, when available, and maybe some other stuff that they produce. Even their cushions are really, really cool! In the meantime, take a look on the pictures to understand what I`m talking about. They are sooo lovable!!

Statue lamps, chair, women shaped chandelier by Jimmie Martin

Customized chairs table and bed by Jimmie Martin

Olivia Palermo style – all bordeaux in Paris Fashion Week


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Whoops, she did it again! Yesterday in Paris Fashion Week, the Nina Ricci show, Olivia Palermo did one of her magic tricks in wearing such a strong colour as bordeaux, from head to toe! As extreme as it would sound, she actually wears it delicate and with grace by adding the simplicity of the nude stilettos and a python coloured clutch. Get the look on my polyvore! IMG_2835


Click the image to get the look!

Weekend in Gothenburg


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Heyy darlings! I had a great weekend in Gothenburg, even if I came back with a huge cold. 😦 My week started with 2 liters of hot lemon & ginger tea instead of coffee. Anyway, the day spended in Gothenburg it was worthy a cold. I had a great time in Magasinsgatan area, where there are a few cute and cozy vintage shops. I like vintage articles. I always imagine there is a story behind every single piece. Probably thats also the reason I can`t say goodbye to old clothes that I will probably never wear again. I get bored fast by my clothes, but anyway I cant give them away. Same with accessories, shoes, bags, magazines and books. One of these days, I`ll probably need to clean up and divorce them.

Girl on the streets of gothenburgFlower buckets

In all that story-telling environment in the vintage shops, I found something that really blowed my mind. Between the John Lenon style glasses, leather cases, flower-power times ponchos and hippie era accessories, I found an amazing writing machine which was so stylish and lovable. A perfect decorative item for my home office. Of course, only for decoration, since I cannot actually write contracts for my clients or blog with it. 🙂

Gothenburg vintage shopsGothenburg vintage shops

My heart broked when the seller told me that the item is decorative for them aswell, not for sale. So, I left the shop empty-handed. At least, this time.

Later, we had lunch in Da Matteo, a very cozy coffeeshop in the middle of Magasinsgatan, with a really nice garden facing the sun where you can enjoy probably the best latte in Gothenburg.

Cafe latteIMG_2681

It`s rarely you have such a nice wheater in Sweden during september, so we took advantage of that and walked all day long. I passed even The Garden Society of Gothenburg (Trädsgårdsföreningen), which is one of the best-preserved 19th century parks in Europe and is spectacular! It is, in my opinion, a must see in Gothenburg, mostly in the beggining of autumn when you have the privilege of walking on the carpet of golden and copper-coloured leaves.

Coloured Bycicle parking

GothenburgTrädgårdföreningen i Göteborg / The garden of society in Gothenburg

Garden View in Göteborg

Don`t forget: If you are traveling to Gothenburg, I would be happy to answer your questions regarding places or activities over there.

With love from Sweden


Autumn decorations – It`s finally smelling like autumn in Sweden!


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Not that I complain, but it feels like the summer was longer this year.. Today when I woke up, I looked at the window and realised that the nature starts to change it`s colours.. I even felt the smell of the falling leaves.. How weird does that sound? 🙂

I`m only sure of one thing… Autumn comes and I still didn`t redecorate. I was looking the last weeks over the web for things that can give a new fall image to my apartment. At least a corner of it. So after i`ve looked over a million of fabulous decoration articles, I decided to limit myself on buying only a few things: few pillows to give some fall colour to my sofa, a soft fluffy blanket that I will use when drinking tea and reading on the sofa or watching a movie with my beloved one, few candles, one new coffee mug, a doormat that represents autumn leaves and of course some dried walnut leaves for our table decoration. That`s all for now. It doesnt look like it will be a long autumn anyway, so I can already see myself buying the Christmas decorations soon. Oh, Christmas… I love Christmas..

If you are from Sweden and you are searching for cool pillows or cushions, you can use Kuddar.se to find the best price for it.

Nice pillows, right? 🙂

Collage of things I like for autumn.With love from Sweden,


Hidden treasures


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As I promised, this week I`ll post the first review of a designer or shop that I love and it isn`t very known to the world. If you want to go back in time and see what this post is about go here.

Sooo, my dearest, today I`m gonna show you the place I shop some of the nicest shoes at a reasonable price and amazing quality! The shop is called SmilingShoes.com and it is a romanian webshop and brand, that gathers togheter few of the most famous romanian designers. Here you will find not only shoes but also leather bags. All the products are customised and the greatest thing with it is that when you order your favourite model of shoes, you can actually choose which colour or material you want, your size and even the size of the heels!! Of course, you can choose from a range of materials that they put at your disposal on the site. One more cute thing is that this is actually a family business, and I totally support this kind of entrepreneurship in fashion world.

These are some of my favourite models


I personally love ordering shoes there, both for the quality, unique models, seriousity of the customer service, the reasonable prices. On top of that, last time I ordered from Sweden, because I changed my mind and traveled to Romania in that period, I could pick my order from there and therefore they returned the transportation money in the shoe box. It was such a sweet surprise! 🙂 Since the products are handmade and customized, the order took about 2-3 weeks, but it was all worthy! Im in love with my gladiator sandals. They are super comfortable and sexy at the same time! And I can wear them with so many outfits!!Loredanas Iphone July14 201

The day I got them home

One amazing night in Mykonos

Loredanas Iphone July14 464

73 questions: Anna Wintour – Vogue


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You know the 73 Questions video series that Vogue has created to help us know more about our fashion idols? Well, after Blake Lively, Sarah Jessica Parker, and many others, it`s time for the queen of fashion to tell us the 73 things that makes her Anna Wintour.  I loved the creativity behind the video and her natural, genuine look.

Enjoy it and tell me what do you think about it?

This fall is about…animal print accessories!


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I can`t be more happy than this!! I always loved animal print accessories, and of course, the Dolce & Gabbana classical print! But not always it is used in the proper way. When wearing animal print accessories you have to keep in mind one thing: too much can be cheap, not chic! To get you started for this fall, you MUST have in your garderobe at lest one pair of animal print shoes (I prefer stilettos) and one bag with the same type of print. My favourite outfit for these type of pieces is smart casual, usually simple pieces so that the glamour will be into the shoes! The best accessory
to wear with this outfits it`s nothing more than a golden well manufactured watch, since the print makes all the glamour! So go ahead and dare! Print is fashion, animal print is sexy fashion…This fall is about...animal print accesories!